Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So, here we go again!!

Alright, we have inventory and taxes out of the way and now, we can go on with life!!
The trees outside are totally gorgeous and we are thinking about landscaping the new part of our building. There have already been a few days of lovely weather that allowed us to take advantage of our knitting deck again. I just love to knit outside, it is so wonderful.

So, spring is in the air. Lots of things coming up and budding out. New life.

We have lots of new things coming in here at the shop too! We have been asked to have a spring yarn tasting and so we will keep some of the new stuff off the blog until we have had a chance to put it in the hands of the yarn tasters. One thing I can't keep to myself though, is the new cotton sock yarn we got in called Summer cotton stretch by Online. It is so cool. Come in and see the sample socks we got with our shipment.

We are going to be doing a new thing on our blog. Finished Object Fridays. Every Friday (knock on wood! lol) we are going to be posting pictures of the really cool things you all have finished. Feel free to email us your pictures and we will be happy to put them up here. Here is a picture of Sharon with her first plied yarn and her new wheel! She is a natural. Congratulations Sharon!

Life is so fast, it seems like you get caught up in the little things and the big things just pass you by. I am going to start taking care of little things a little faster, so keep you posted....in the meantime, go out and look at the awesomeness of Spring!!