Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My yarn philosophy and musings about life

I thought I might "wax" poetic here for a second....

I have been knitting Christmas presents for my fam lately and even though I have been using yarn from the shop (hoping they will not destroy it before I can put on display for a while,lol) it occurred to me that I have yarn I would love to use in certain things I have made. I mean yarn from my stash. Even though people act like yarn has a "sell by" date, that it goes bad, or rotten or spoils....not true. I have some yarn that I have been keeping for just the right thing....for more years than I care to disclose here (wink, wink). If you are like me, and I know you know who you are, no, no, Peggy, don't raise your hand! LOL If you have yarn that you have been keeping for just the right thing, I urge you to use Ravelry, find a pattern for just that yarn. Come in and see if we have a yarn that might compliment it around the collar or cuffs, or whatever. We would love to help you pick a pattern for just that purpose!!!

I am a pretty practical person and I know I have stash yarn, (and this is not it, ROTFL) so I want to let you know I have no problem whatsoever with anyone bringing in ANY YARN or ANY PATTERN. I want to help you with your knitting needs, so don't worry about any "rules" we may have in place for that.....there are none. Please feel free to come in and sit and knit on anything you want!!! It does not have to be purchased here, and I, or Ashley will try to help you with any knitting questions you have about any thing you bring in. Please remember though, that it takes a little time for us to delve right in to a pattern that we have not be patient with us...;)

Have a wonderfully magical holiday season!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Close to Christmas-pattern sites

I know that it is getting down to the wire on Christmas knitting, but just in case you all need some inspiration, here are a few sites that have really neat free patterns.

First of all, if you want to make the darling Christmas wreath above, go here.

Here are some great sites for you that have a ton of patterns for free. and I hope you enjoy these as much as I did finding them!!

I have made a few Christmas knits this year. I am going to do something next year that I think will be a great new addition to the Enchanted line-up. We were starting a sock/scarf of the month club, but instead, I have decided to do a Christmas club. Every month, starting in January and ending in November, we are going to offer a pattern and yarn in kit form that would be great for gifting. The pattern for January is going to be announced in our December newsletter. The cost for this club will be announced at that time also. This way, by November of next year, we will all (crossing fingers have 11 really great, awesome, unique handmade gifts. I think we can also start a thread on our Ravelry forum to keep each other accountable...what do you think? This will allow not only our closer patrons, but also the long distance ones, to participate in a shop activity. I love the idea and hope you do too! This also disperses your Christmas budget by the month. Let me know whether you make more of one kind of gender specific creation, this will keep us current on what you want to make, ie. more baby items, or a couple of mens things, more girlfriend things, etc. Of course, you are not held accountable as to whether or not you decide to gift these creations. Part of creating, is being able to keep not only the idea, but also the project. wink, wink.

So, keep an eye on your email. Our newsletter will be out within the week!!!

And Merry, Merry Christmas from our Enchanted home to yours!!