Monday, June 7, 2010

Where's the MOJO?????

You ever lost your knitting mojo? I don't know if it is the weather getting prettier so I'm spending more time outside or if it is something I should seek counsel over. I've lost my knitting mojo. I've tried to trace back to figure out when it started seeping away. I mean it isn't like I haven't started new projects. I'm a card carrying member of Enchanted's Christmas Club so I get a new project every month. And it certainly isn't that the projects are boring or lack pizazz. We all know that if they got anything, RoLynn and Ashley are the Queens of Pizazz.

I get the project OTN, work on it for a bit and then it finds its way into one of my knitting bags. Yeah, I have almost as many knitting bags as I have WIPs. Pretty pathetic really. Kinda knitting psychoish.

I don't like the mojo not being here. Can someone please help????? Can you bring back the mojo?

What do you do when you lose your mojo?????? Any suggestions, thoughts, prayers or charms would be greatly appreciated.