Monday, April 28, 2008

More updates on the yarn shop!

We are knees and elbows deep in construction and yarn here in Southern KY!
Here's an update in pictures. Enjoy!

Prepping the floor for painting and sealing

The floor after it's been finished

Trim going up! We stained the trim rather than painting it
to create more of an organic/earthy feel.
(oh and that newly painted floor is under all that sawdust...somewhere! LOL)

A trail of enchanted stars lovingly painted by Marmee :)

The stars in more detail. Awesome, aren't they?!

Getting our parking lot gravel...

Parking lot completed and tested! It passed! ;)

Our house is overflowing with yarn and spinning wheels now. We are so ready to have that building finished and transfer all the shop stuff to it's new home. We have been landscaping and will have pictures of that completed very soon. We are creating a wildlife friendly knitting sanctuary around the deck out back. It's so gorgeous! Can't wait to show you all! Thanks for all your patience with our blogging...we have been collapsing every night, we're almost there!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


We have been so busy. Please forgive the lack of updates. Here's what we've been up to!



And more painting!

It gets really messy trying to paint the ceiling as you can see below, lol...

Some of us wish we could be doing something else...looking longingly out the door :)

We are getting closer here. We have one more coat to go on the walls, then it's on to the floor! After that, things will be so much easier. Meanwhile, in the house with all the fun stuff (yarn) we have been compiling orders, knitting samples up as fast as possible, and falling into bed each night, lol! I am almost done with Maylie and have already started a display sock that I will Ravelry about soon.

We have had the wonderful opportunity to have some folks come out to visit and shop even though we just have it set up in the dining room. Fiber arts people are so great! We've been so honored to get to know more of you and we can't wait to be open now!

We have found another really awesome source for yarn and that is Frog Tree Yarns. They're mission statement says it all, they are non profit and they work to benefit so many people. We are so thrilled to be able to order from them. Their yarn is to die for! And Tricia, one of the owners, has this way of making it seem like you are her very favorite customer...all the time! I just love that! So, even though we haven't been very chatty lately, we have been being productive, we promise! We are beginning to see things come together and it's getting very real. It's so exciting!

I think I have mentioned it, but we have built a deck out back and we've started calling it the knitting sanctuary. We have 5 acres of forest behind the shop and it's so peaceful back there! We have added this gazebo, and I think I know where we will be spending most of our time this summer!

I can see many happy hours of knitting here. There is mosquito netting around the entire gazebo for those summer evenings. We are planning on doing some landscaping back here as well as adding a bench and some bird feeders. Doesn't that sound delightful?!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Open-ish :)

OK y' we go! We've been "playing store" and have all of our inventory priced. You are all welcome to come out and see anything that we have so far. Bear in mind that you will have to walk around our dining room table to get to the shelves and things aren't displayed prettily, but if you are willing to overlook that we would love to have you come on out! Although we don't have any of our spinning wheels yet here's what we do have:

Drop spindles
Hand dyed spinning fibers
Blended spinning fibers (merino, merino/silk blend, Lincoln)...we are adding more every day
Yarn (JoJoLand, Peace Fleece, SWTC with more on the way)
Knitting accessories and notions
Knitting jewelry
Patterns for crochet and knitting
Knitting needles

If anything there interests you, come on out! We can sit around the dining room table and we can share a cup of coffee while you browse :) Just call or email to make an appointment (just to make sure we will be here) and we can make sure you have directions on how to get here. Our contact information is:

Phone # 270-772-1675

Can't wait to get to know all of you!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


We got another yarn shipment today, this time from JoJoLand. It's gorgeous yarn and we are both in love with it!! It's a bit noro-like in it's variegation. There are some really good examples on Ravelry here and here. Isn't it awesome?! We have been filling those shelves in the dining room slowly but surely. We spent all day today splitting fiber into 4 ounce amounts, pricing yarn, putting tags on skeins, etc. It's been a full day! Here are the fruits of our labors-

Our dogs were there right along with us, helping every step of the way. We brought in their dog beds because they are both bed-lovers. After a few minutes of working, we looked down and had a laugh at this-

Of course, the grass is always greener, right? LOL

Kelsey and I have been working with drop spindles and she loves it!
She has her first handspun, plied skein and loves it so much.
Here is her first completed work. Isn't it awesome?!