Thursday, April 3, 2008

Open-ish :)

OK y' we go! We've been "playing store" and have all of our inventory priced. You are all welcome to come out and see anything that we have so far. Bear in mind that you will have to walk around our dining room table to get to the shelves and things aren't displayed prettily, but if you are willing to overlook that we would love to have you come on out! Although we don't have any of our spinning wheels yet here's what we do have:

Drop spindles
Hand dyed spinning fibers
Blended spinning fibers (merino, merino/silk blend, Lincoln)...we are adding more every day
Yarn (JoJoLand, Peace Fleece, SWTC with more on the way)
Knitting accessories and notions
Knitting jewelry
Patterns for crochet and knitting
Knitting needles

If anything there interests you, come on out! We can sit around the dining room table and we can share a cup of coffee while you browse :) Just call or email to make an appointment (just to make sure we will be here) and we can make sure you have directions on how to get here. Our contact information is:

Phone # 270-772-1675

Can't wait to get to know all of you!


Laura said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! And big, big virtual hugs.

June said...

Oh boy! We're all in trouble now! So, Ashley, tell me how to order a spindle like you were using Tuesday?

Like I said, I'm in trouble. . .

Angelika said...

Wow, it's coming along. I wish I could drop by for a cup, but the drive would kill me right now.:) In time.

Mecread said...

I had a great time today, thank you for having us out!