Wednesday, April 2, 2008


We got another yarn shipment today, this time from JoJoLand. It's gorgeous yarn and we are both in love with it!! It's a bit noro-like in it's variegation. There are some really good examples on Ravelry here and here. Isn't it awesome?! We have been filling those shelves in the dining room slowly but surely. We spent all day today splitting fiber into 4 ounce amounts, pricing yarn, putting tags on skeins, etc. It's been a full day! Here are the fruits of our labors-

Our dogs were there right along with us, helping every step of the way. We brought in their dog beds because they are both bed-lovers. After a few minutes of working, we looked down and had a laugh at this-

Of course, the grass is always greener, right? LOL

Kelsey and I have been working with drop spindles and she loves it!
She has her first handspun, plied skein and loves it so much.
Here is her first completed work. Isn't it awesome?!


Peggy said...

I wanna come play. Hey, I'll dust or sweep. Maybe Bailey would share her bed, I'll just watch.

Anonymous said...

How about a pre-opening preview party!