Friday, February 29, 2008

Some enchanted

This is how Ashley and I spend our evenings now....
We are trying to make decisions about what to order for the shop.
We really want to do this right and give a really good selection of products, while at the same time giving good prices.
We go to the mail box everyday with expectations high, and squeal like little girls over the wholesale catalogs and information all the way back to the house. I think our neighbors may be scratching their heads a
Tomorrow is our first big day on construction crew for the shop. We have called in the big guns, (aka Uncle Paul the builder...can he fix it? Yes, he can!!!) and he arrives tonight. We have him for 7 days and we are expecting miracles....something along the lines of Rome. No, wait, that wasn't built in a day, was it? Well, anyway, you get the picture.
Here are some windows we picked up at the Habitat Restore yesterday that going to become our knockout display window, replacing the garage door.
Stay tuned for more big improvements. Same bat time, same bat channel!


Heather said...

Your Uncle Paul sounds like my brother Michael. I swear he travels with a circular saw in his trunk just in case I beg for more moulding!

Angelika said...

I bet you have lots of fun stuff for Uncle Paul to do. You must feel like a kid in the candy store with all those catalogs.