Friday, September 12, 2008

Hello again old friends

Well, it's been entirely too long since I have let you all into my little world. We have been so busy being new shop owners and, I am sorry to say, blogging has fallen by the wayside. Well, here I am again! :)

Lately I have been in a finishing mood. I finished up my Winter Branches sweater (Rav link here) and it only lacks blocking and "official" Ravelry pictures. I did my final tier row on the entrelac scarf I first entrelac, and I loved it too! You see, I have a new project in mind, and I told myself that I wouldn't start it until I finished up my WIP's. We just stumbled upon the awesome Chic Knits patterns and have stocked almost all of them in the shop. I am in love with the Cassidy!
I have been dying to start it since I saw it a couple of weeks ago and I am finally almost there. Now I have to decide what yarn to use! I only have the thumb remaining on my second mitten of my latest mitten project. I'm so close, I can almost taste that thrill of starting something new. There's nothing like it!

On the personal side of things, I have decided to get a drastic hair cut. I feel that I am due for a change, and this will be it! For those of you who haven't seen me on Ravelry or Facebook, right now I have several blue streaks in my hair. I love it and have enjoyed the thrill of individuality it has given me. Perhaps that is what has inspired me to move on to this new hairstyle...who knows? I will keep you all posted on that development :)

Lately I have been on Facebook entirely too much. I got hooked on it and they connectedness it allows. My group of Facebook friends are so awesome and I love being able to see what everyone is up to at a glance. Although, I imagine some of my non-knitting friends didn't understand the imperative nature of a mitten thumb when I put that as my status, lol. Oh, well...

After stretching my ear lobes to a 10 gauge, I have been obsessed with all the gorgeous jewelry that is available to me! I admit, bought more earrings lately than I have in a long time. These are some glass "squids" that I just got from the GlassHeartStudio etsy shop. Aren't they too cool?!

The weather is slowly hinting and teasing of the seasonal change. I can't wait for the cooler weather! It brings about all these different emotions and do I describe it? You all have to know what I mean though- all of a sudden, on a cool evening, you are craving apple cider next to a bonfire. Or a hayride with all your best friends at a harvest party. What is this transition that comes over us? I have just lately had an elderly-sister-instinct to ensure that all my siblings have warm, handknitted socks. I know that this weather is to blame :) Here are some sibling-toes all toasty warm and ready for fall.

Well, I rambled a lot and I am sorry... but I have missed you all too much! Thank you for waiting for me, and for welcoming me so warmly back into your hearts. Happy knitting and fall!


Heather said...

I love the earrings. Way back when I was 22, I dated an apprentice tatoo artist. Spent countless hours watching people get tattoos and piercings... anyway I had mine stretched too, but there was nothing as pretty as those to wear.

Can't wait to see the new drastic do. I adore change; in seasons and in hair! Rock your individuality girlfriend. said...

Nose. Want to see the nose!

Aria said...

I love your earrings! They are too cute. My sister has gigantic gauges, and definitely can't wear pretty earrings like that.

You're brave! I would be terrified to dye my hair at all! How short are you going to cut it? Good luck! ;)