Monday, January 25, 2010

Hey!!! There's a new kid on the blog!!!!

Aiaiaiaiaiaiaiai (that is a scream, a really load scream)!!!!!!! That was my response when Ashley messaged me asking if I'd be willing to start blogging for she and Rolynn.

Hello, my name is Peggy, Peggy Sturgeon, and I am a fiberholic geek twisted sister. :) I love all things fiber. I would knit 24/7 if I could, but I gotta sleep some. I am the proud mother of a Kromski Sonata and Polonaise spinning wheel, a sweet Schacht Rigid Heddle Loom and I'm expecting a floor loom in the near future. I'm looking forward to the many fibery adventures we are going to share.

Where to begin? As is the custom around here, things are always changing at Enchanted. New patterns, new classes, new yarn, new store layout, you name it. I really do not see where Ashley and Rolynn get their energy.

These are three of the things I'm really excited about:

Christmas Club - I just knitted up the January Project for the Christmas Club. Oh man, if the rest of the months projects are as lovely as this one I am going to be one happy and busy knitter. This months pattern was Just Enough Ruffles Scarf by Laura Chau and the yarn is a 100% Alpaca worsted weight hand dyed by Ashley. This yarn is the yummiest and the coloration is gorgeous. It is a lovely kettle dye where in places the white core of the yarn shows through giving it a denimy worn look. I just love it. I cast it on one evening and had it finished the next. Isn't it funny, this is a pattern I would have never thought of knitting but now that I have I plan on making several more of these quick knits to place into my Christmas 2010 gift box. This is a wonderful way for me to get exposure to projects I possibly wouldn't typically choose. Stay tuned for February's installment.

Ravelympics 2010 - February 12th - 28th. If you aren't on Ravelry then shame on you, get on over there and join the madness. Be sure and join the Enchanted Yarn & Fiber Group. I'm looking forward to the WIPs-Dancing Event. Any UFO you haven't touched since Jan. 12 is eligible to entry. I got those babies busting out of ever knitting bag and closet in my house. I have two particular items I hope to finish, "Avast Ye Aaron" (a sweater I started Nov 08) and "Light My Fire" (a shawl I began in Mar 08). What a great incentive!!!!

I also hope to take part in the Sweaterboard Cross Event where I'm going to be knitting the Shalom Cardigan. Out of this goodness. The yoke will be the variegated, On-Line Linie 254 - Terra (48% Virgin Wool & 52% Acrylic), and the bodice the green, Elsebeth Lavold Silky Flamme (50% Peruvian Wool, 30% FS Alpaca & 20% Silk).

What events are you taking part in?

Trunk Show - The trunk show isn't until March which is great. Give us plenty of time to get all our knitting all cleaned up and ready for display and of course to pick up new yarn and pattern to get completed by then. I love seeing every one's entries. We could use the same pattern and possibly even the same yarn yet it will still be each of knitter's unique creation. (Some more unique than others!!! hehehe)

I'll be chatting with you again next week if not sooner.

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Traci said...

I think this is an awesome idea! Peggy blogging!