Thursday, July 1, 2010

Superwoman I am not!!!

I really thought I would be able to do it! I really did. I thought I could homeschool, keep house, make meals, be a good mom and run a yarn shop....What a laugh!

(isn't this the cutest little sweater, a shop sample out of Interweave Knits magazine that I just had to make! LOL It is things like this that entice me away from housework)

I am multi-tasking, but come on! LOL Okay, I admit it, I am only one person. I do not have a fairy hidden anywhere in the house or the shop, much to my chagrin, that does my work for me.
Heck, I am the person that lights the pilot lights on my own cookstove when the propane guy comes, just so that he won't step foot in my laundry room on the way to the kitchen!

So, in light of this new revelation that I am not superhuman....I am changing Enchanted's hours.

Here are the details:

Monday 1-7:30
Tuesday 1-6
Wednesday 1-6
Thursday 11-6
Friday 1-6
Saturday 10-4

Here is a picture of our family with our newest son-in-law William Henry Edwards.


Traci said...

What?! You AREN'T superwoman?! Stunned. big hug to you! It will all be ok. I like the new hours, I hope they help you out!

Anonymous said...

hi rolynn, or is it RoLynn, we had a wonderful time up there at your shop. loved meeting all your knitting buddies and touring the shop. we'll be back again soon. philnjudie