Friday, November 5, 2010

We Need Change!!!!

Well, the election is primarily over here in the good ole US of A. That being said...I've decided in these dire times of holiday craziness I can't sit on the sidelines any more. I gotta stand up for what is right and see that changes are made. Today I'm announcing my candidacy for Master of the Knitting Universe!!!!

I'm a regular member of the knitting universe just like you and like you I suffer from the same woes. As Master of the Knitting Universe these are the changes I promise to make once elected:

1. All knitting on holiday projects/gifts will be magically sped up to be completed in half the normal time.

2. All knitters will require only 2 hours sleep a night so they can complete their knitting in the quiet while family members sleep away.

3. All housework/cooking that interrupts knitting will be temporarily suspended.

4. All items made will fit perfectly without the need for those stupid gauge swatches that keep us from getting on with the fun.

5. Each and every knitter will abound with creativity.

6. Rolynn will be able to know the exact pattern and yarn we need for each and every project. (I know she already does this but I needed a 6th campaign promise)

Really people, every year I determine that I am going to begin my holiday knitting in January so I'll have a more relaxed holiday season. Do I ever do this? NO!!! My holiday knitting mojo doesn't hit me until the middle of October to the first of November. Something has to change!!!!! Vote, vote, VOTE for me today. Someone has to end this madness!!!!!

p.s. If for some reason I cannot fulfil these campaign promises I have a little back up plan. Give each recipient an IOU.

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