Monday, March 28, 2011

Long Term Projects...

Do you have any of those long term projects? The ones you start and then put down. Come back to it a year later, just to put it down again till a few more months and start to wish you had never started it at all!!
Before I got married I thought I would be a great home maker and start crocheting a blanket for my then future husband and myself to snuggle under while watching movies. I started by making squares using a double crochet. I accomplished maybe ten squares before I got to busy with wedding plans and put it down, not to be seen for a year and a half - which I only saw then because I was cleaning the things we had moved. Packed back a way for another year and a half.
About a year ago I pulled it back out and started working on it again only to find that my crocheting is much looser now!! (Better looking, but too loose!) Of course I had already accomplished a number of squares (now rectangles) and needed to make a decision - do I pull out the old or the new. I pulled out the old and am still slowly working on making the squares.

So, to hold myself accountable, here is my promise to you! I will make one square a week until I finish! You are all probably thinking "only one square? That is it? And besides, I thought they were rectangles!" Trust me, one is a big deal for me, and yes they are rectangles!! Although this blanket will probably not be too pretty when done, we will still snuggle under it. (With the addition of one extra body...oh no! Does that mean it needs to be bigger now? Ahhh!)


Mom said...

If you want the size of the rectangles to match consider adding a border to them to make them equal in size.
You will get to hate that project if you continue to put it aside. Consider making it a baby or lap blanket to finish the project, then move on to a new project that you are interested in.

Traci said...

I am a serial finisher! I almost always start something, finish it and start something else.

Lindsay said...

Traci - that is great. I think I need some training!!