Thursday, May 29, 2008


So many of you have asked about our new baskets, and frankly, I am overjoyed. These baskets are handwoven from sisal by women in the Kasigau region of Kenya. All of the profits they receive go to purchase school supplies and tuition for orphans and poor children. I love this whole thought and am so grateful to Margaret Bowker for helping us become informed and bringing out the baskets. Like Ashley said previously, these baskets we have now are only on consignment, but we should be able to make our own contribution this summer and get baskets just for Enchanted. How awesome is that???!!!
I want to give all of you that are not close enough to come for coffee, the opportunity to purchase one of these baskets! Here is a picture of all of the ones we have for sale:

The big basket on the left is 50.00, it measures approximately 13" tall and from handle to handle across is 16" and can be stuffed to be bigger. The one next to it with a green stripe is 8" tall and 11" in diameter and is 35.00 and is from the Rukanga village. The one that has 2 blue striped bands is 10" and 10.5" in diameter and is 40.00 from Rukanga village. The one with one blue striped band around the middle with blue and tan handles is 8.5" tall by 11" diameter is 35.00 and is from Rukanga village. The next is the yellow striped basket 7.5" tall and 8.5" in diameter is 25.00 and has the name of the woman who wove it on the basket, Caroline Challa, from the Kiteghe village. The one with the purple band is 7" by 9" in diameter, it is from the Rukanga village is 15.00. The one with the blue stripes and no handles is 15.00 and 7" by 7" and so is the basket with the picture hanging from it with the yellow and blue stripes and handles.
I tried to get a close up of the picture Margaret gave me of the women weaving the baskets, here it is

If you are interested in any of these, we can post them on our etsy store and you would only pay actual shipping and listing cost on top of the price of the baskets. All of the money from these particular baskets are going right back to these women.
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Jan said...

Wow! The baskets are great. I believe a road trip is in order.

Anonymous said...

OOooo pretty! I love the one that is fourth from the right.Next to the one that is filled with blue yarn.How much is that one?

Poodlezilla said...

I've got to come and see you! I had no idea that we were getting a new yarn store in the area. I will drive from BG to come and see your stuff. I love the online pictures, but I'm a yarn sniffer and toucher. Pictures often times just don't cut it. I'll be by in July (after some of my work is complete).