Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What's new here at Enchanted

Well, it's been a while since our last update and I am so sorry! This one's for you Diane...;)

We have been having classes and getting to know so many awesome people, it's a blast! We have been rearranging our shop, trying to find the best place for everything,
getting settled in to our shop owner-ness. For those of you who may not already know, we made the front page of our local paper! Check it out!
We are so thrilled that people nearby know we are here now.
Thanks for all your support!

Here's what's new!

Gorgeous chain-maille stitch markers...
I am trying to invent a reason to use these I love them that much! LOL

Kits from Crafty Alien, isn't this so adorable?!

Awesome, awesome woven bags made by Tibetan refugee women in Nepal

Pencil Roving to spin

Recycled sari silk yarn in gorgeous, vibrant colors.

I will try to stay more on top of the blog (Diane, lol) and keep you
all more informed of what's going on. Happy stitching!


Angelika said...

Thank you Diane. I was also wondering what happened to you, but I can see you were really busy. I'll try to keep track of you on Ravelry too now. Later :)

Nancy said...

Since I seemed to be a tad dense in the spinning department, I want to let you know the pencil roving has made all the difference!!! Love, spinning!!!!! Now....LOL

June said...

Awwh Nancy, you were doing fine! :) Sorry I missed the party, just too much going on here at home!