Sunday, March 23, 2008

Okay, we touched....

As some of you darling, kindly souls have pointed out, it is our duty to touch this really cool yarn! So, strictly in the name of samples and research (she says with a grin...and a snicker) we gave in. That didn't take long, did it? I think it was about 2 hours that we waited... Ashley is making the most darling sweater from a pattern we just received. You can see all the details here. We had to wait until we had a few of our patterns and at least one of our yarns. Just so happens, they both came almost the same day! There is a God and He believes in yarn!! LOL
We found the most glowing review about the first yarn we chose to purchase, Peace Fleece. Check it out here!
We thought you all might want to see some of the decisions we have made based on your feedback from the contest.

Hours: We have decided to be open Tuesday -Friday 11-7 and Saturday 9-3. So many people mentioned that they wanted to go shop for yarn after work that we decided on those evening hours.

Atmosphere: We are going to have a coffee/tea bar set up as well as a sitting/lounging area, a table with padded chairs for perusing patterns as well as classes. Our lounge area will be open to spinners, knitters, and crocheters as long as the shop is open. We want to start a spinning and knitting guild for Tuesday mornings before we open and Wednesday evenings after we close for about 2 hours. We want this to be the kind of place where everyone is welcome to share their knowledge. We don't feel that we are experts and think that one of the joys of life is continually learning new things! Although we don't claim to know it all, we will always be here to help you either by sharing what we do know, or finding the answer to your questions to the best of our ability. We totally believe in keeping the crafts of knitting/spinning/crocheting alive. We want to foster an environment where creativity is always fun and intriguing. We will have an outside deck area for those who enjoy nature or need to get outside for a smoke. We took to heart what so many of you said about pushy and snooty sales people and we've made each other swear never to let this happen! :)

We were very disappointed to learn that we could not be a distributor for Lendrum wheels just yet. We are on a waiting list, but apparently he is so backed up with work that he isn't accepting any more accounts just now. It has, however, led us to look at other options. The wheels we are going to carry are:
Schacht- We will have a Matchless double treadle right away, but we are on the list for a ladybug and won't have one until June.
We are in the middle of creating a dealership account with Kromski
We have also just ordered a brand new wheel called the Mach 1. It looks like an awesome option, if you look at their website you can see a video of this wheel in action. While you are over there, be sure to see their reseller page...we are official now! ;)
We will eventually have some Louet wheels as well.
As soon as we get the Mach 1 (which should be in the next 2 weeks), we've told Kris Pauly that we would be open by appointment for anyone who wants to come and spin on it until the shop opens. Which means that you would be forced to pull up a kitchen chair and sit and spin, but we could probably come up with a cup of coffee for you while you're doing it :)

We have had to write a very short description of our shop and wanted to open it up for feedback. Does this seem to describe what we are all about (based on what we've written above)?

Enchanted Yarn & Fiber focuses on supporting independent artisans by offering unique knitting and crocheting yarn, and handcrafted supplies and accessories. We also supply spinning wheels, supplies and fibers. Classes are available, as well as weekly knitting and spinning groups. Come see us at Enchanted Yarn & Fiber, where we make magic one skein at a time!

Here are a few of the items that we are going to be carrying. Just a taste to whet your appetite!

Knitting patterns by Marie Grace Designs

Clay scissor tip protectors.

Mismatched socks in cotton and wool

Crochet patterns from Gourmet Crochet

Jewelry from recycled knitting needles

The countdown to our opening has begun! We think it will be the 13th of May, but if we get everything together before then (ha) it will be moved up. For everyone who is planning on coming for a visit once we're open, our address is 399 C Dodson Ln in Russellville, Ky.
See a map of where we are here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for keeping us updated. I'm counting down the days!!!

Angelika said...

Oooh, this is so exciting. If you need somebody to help you with "touching" the yarn, send some my way. I'm serious. Anytime.

Peggy said...

That little sweater is adorable. i can't wait to see it.

June said...

It all looks so totally awesome! I love those earrings what a concept! I think the opening day rocks - it's my son's 21st birthday! And I am not sure when graduation is, but I will make out there, I hope, your first week!

Carol said...

Hey Ashley! Thanks so much for "coming by"! I was just thinking about you and wondering where the heck I put your blog addi! I am so very happy for you both!!! This is very exciting stuff, I only wish with all my heart your place were here. I'm adding your site now! Congratulations and much success!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Three cheers for Peace Fleece! I can't wait for you guys to open. Your description of the atmosphere sounds amazing.

bunnyslippers said...

Oh I wish Oregon was closer to Kentucky! Everything looks wonderful! Is it hard not to pinch yourself and wonder if it's all a dream?

Christine said...

How exciting! I love your discription. Are or will you be taking orders over the net? I would love to get my hands on a pair of those earrings for myself and a couple of friends!!

Traci said...

I can' wait to come visit you and your shop. Russellville is not far from Greenbrier, TN! Yeah for that!

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

If it's feasible, how about keeping a computer for internet browsing so if a customer saw something on a company website, like a new yarn or color that they can't remember the name of, they can bring up the page to show you.

Or if someone has quesitons you can't answer off the top of your head, they can check the web right there.

Also, if a cutomer says something like "I'd buy this yarn if I saw a pattern I could use it for." If they don't find a pttern they like for sale at your store, since there are a great number of free patterns on the web, they might find one that convinces them to buy the yarn. You could charge a few cents to print one out, or do it for free since they are buying the yarn.

The only problems are people who would abuse your courtesy, and resisting the temptation to browse yourselves,