Friday, October 3, 2008

Crocheting and expansion update

Well, our tunisian crochet class was a blast! Everyone brought their yarn choices and all brainstormed with my mom to choose that perfect afghan. It looks messy, I know...but there is a method to the madness here at Enchanted. We are having another class at the end of this month on a weekend for those who were unable to attend this one. Don't you wish you would've been here yesterday? Just look at all that fun :)

Our expansion is moving right along...the flooring is going in today. I think the walls are due next. Things are really starting to take shape and it's so exciting! Of course, our front door is nonexistent right now, but we have the back entrance open. If you stop by, please ignore the heavy machinery, lumber, and other miscellaneous equipment :) We're still knitting, spinning, and weaving here inside the building.

Well, that's all the news that is news so far. We will keep you posted!


Traci said...

I can't wait to get back up there!

Angelika said...

Just looking at those cones makes me pack up my kids and take a trip to you.