Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Namaste goodness!

We are so excited about the newest goodies from Namaste! If you haven't heard about this yet, listen up! They have a new purse that will be available in November called the Zuma. Here are some pics of that. Along with interior pockets, there is an expanding section on the front that opens to store all the important items that need to be easily accessible. This comes in 7 different colors and our order is in for several of them. If you would like to get one in a specific color, just call and we will make sure it's on our order :) The cost for this bag is $64.95. Click here for more information as well as the color choices that are available.

Now, on to more fun stuff!

BUDDY cases are the essential accessory for your little stuff- bring your BUDDY along to tote your personal, crafting, or travel notions so you'll never be without. The BUDDY case features hidden magnetized interior walls to keep your metal items in place, a removable interior divider, and is made of the lush animal-friendly faux leather that you've come to expect. Contrast stitching, solid construction, and snap button closure- everybody needs a BUDDY!
These will be available at Enchanted the first week of December and would make an awesome Christmas gift for that special person in your life!
The cases are $14.95

A divinely simple way to keep your stuff in its right place- the Oh Snap! pouches come in a set of 3 to bring the Zen back to your life (and your handbag). Whether you're a tidy two-shoes or a messy marvin, Oh Snap! keeps it all together for you. Customized Namaste snaps, carefully crafted mesh pouches, it's effortless organization.
These pouches will be at Enchanted in mid November and are $14.95.

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