Monday, October 6, 2008

Wall number one

More construction updates! We have the flooring in and today the first wall has been put into place. In case you were wondering about the work crew...we're it! Our shop has a lot of love put into those walls :) So, here's a blow-by-blow recount of today's work:

The wall is constructed and waiting to be lifted

Bisou is the overseer of construction operations

Lifting the wall...very professionally, I might add ;)
This was a bit scary though! We were all picturing that work truck with
splinters of what used to be the wall all over it, lol!

Look at how beautiful that wall is!

We wanted to leave you with a Thornton child-quote.
Levi, came in to make himself and Zach lunch today. Levi, totally serious says,
"I'll make you a sandwich, Zach. Oh, and this time I won't drop it on the floor."


Traci said...

Sounds like something my kids would say to each other!
Great looking wall!

June said...

Wow! What great work you all do!

Veronica said...

Woo hoo!! That is a great looking wall! And where in the heck did you find all of those good looking work hands???
Love begin able to see things through your blog - ONE OF THESE DAYS I am going to take off from work and come visit!